Like cereal flakes, muesli is also the product you are advised to start your day with. The reason for it is not just fast cooking (what you need to do is just to pour milk or yoghurt into a bowl with muesli or boil it for approximately 3 minutes – ta da! – useful and delicious breakfast is ready). Cereal flakes that muesli contains are hard-to-digest food. It means that you are not likely to get hungry before lunchtime (note that it is not recommended to have muesli for supper for this reason).

What can muesli give us? It contains fibre that improves digestion, removing salts of heavy metals, cholesterol, and other harmful substances from your organism. Furthermore, the product normalizes blood sugar level. Nuts and dried fruits, which muesli contains, add to its usefulness.

We offer muesli in 400 and 800 g polypropylene packages.

Note that both muesli and cereal flakes can be dispensed into 2.8 and 4.0 kg plastic buckets.