Honey desserts

Can one make something unique even more unique? Can one make a product that’s unparalleled in terms of nutritional value even more nutritious?

We can tell from experience: yes, it’s possible if to add nuts, dried fruits, and seeds to natural honey. This is what we call a honey dessert.

Honey desserts with nuts:

  • with walnuts
  • with peanuts
  • with almonds
  • with hazelnuts

Honey desserts with dried fruits:

  • with dried apricots
  • with raisins
  • with dried pineapple

Honey desserts with seeds:

  • with sunflower seeds
  • with pumpkin seeds

It doesn’t matter a honey dessert with which filling you choose – usefulness for your organism will be undeniable anyway. The amount of nutrients even a small portion of honey with nuts, dried fruits, or seeds contains is quite enough to guarantee a standard daily rate for a human organism.

Just one spoon of a honey dessert in the morning (on an empty stomach) can fill you with energy and strength and awaken your brain from night’s sleep, intensify its activity.

Apart from this, our honey desserts boost immunity, decrease blood cholesterol level, and eliminate toxins from the organism. The combination of natural honey with nuts, dried fruits, and seeds produces sedative and anti-inflammatory effects, reduces the risk of having cardiovascular diseases.