Honey granola

Granola is oat flakes cooked with a special technology used: toasted in honey with nuts and dried fruits.

As a rule, granola is chosen for breakfast, however, it can be a good addition to your ration during the day. The product nourishes your organism with health-giving substances and satisfies hunger for long. Granola tastes the best with milk, yoghurt, or juice or it can be eaten as it is, in a loose form.

We offer:

  • Honey granola ‘Classic’
  • Honey granola with fruits and berries
  • Honey granola with nuts
  • Honey granola with nuts, fruits, and berries

Packaging types:

  • Polypropylene packaging: 750, 500, 250 g
  • Plastic bottles: 600, 350, 250 g
  • Plastic cups: 50 g