If you do not know what summer tastes like, you have not tried steppe honey from Zlatomed.

Bees sipped nectar from sunflower, buckwheat, and such herbs as sainfoin, sage, oregano, cornflower, etc. blooming from May to August to create steppe honey. Steppe is a zone of plains in Central and Southern Ukraine with superfertile black earth and grass and bush vegetation.

A dominating flower or herb determines its aroma. Colour ranges from light yellow to light brown.

Healing properties of steppe honey can hardly be overestimated. It makes a person who eats it regularly feel better due to normalized metabolism and digestion. Steppe honey strengthens blood vessels and eliminates toxins from human organism. It promotes blood pressure normalization and prevents from a range of health conditions (heart attack for example). The golden product acts as an efficient antiviral and antibacterial tool. It strengthens the immune system and treats for influenza.


We put apiaries near the largest local rivers, places untouched by human activities. Every spring, bees fill them with meadow honey, a delicious and health-giving natural product we are happy to share with you.

Among dominating plants and herbs are ceanothus, dandelion, and yellow and white clover. Meadow honey has delicate, sweet aroma; fresh as spring itself. Colour ranges from extra light to light amber.

Meadow honey treats for heart and gastrointestinal conditions and exercises analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effect. The golden product is helpful for people who suffer from nervousness, insomnia, and physical exhaustion. Moreover, the honey can make our skin look more beautiful and cared for. You can add it to hand-made face masks, creams, and balms.


Our buckwheat honey is made of nectar gathered not from buckwheat blossom only. Traces of sunflower and some herbs enrich its flavour while buckwheat, certainly, dominates.

Buckwheat honey is impossible to confuse with any other kind of honey. It is very sweet with bitterish, tart aftertaste and spicy, saturated aroma. Due to high iron, its colour ranges from brownish red to dark brown.

The honey prevents from and treats for high blood pressure, anaemia and restores heart health. Apart from iron, buckwheat honey contains zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. They make it good for digestion and nervous system. The honey is a perfect preventive remedy for infectious diseases. It is considered to be very effective in treating cough. In some cases, it can be used to cure eye conditions.


Place apiaries on the edge of or in the woods before July – and voilà! In September, you will enjoy premium forest honey. The trees, plants, and berries (linden, hawthorn, rowan tree, willow, clover, raspberry, wild strawberry, angelica, blooming sally, etc.), bees gather nectar from, make it special in every single way.

Colour of forest honey ranges from light golden to black. It has rather specific but pleasant smell. You can feel some acerbity and bitterness in its taste due to high honeydew content in comparison to other kinds of honey. It takes it long to crystallize.

Forest honey can do a world of good to those who eat it regularly. It contains A, B1, B2, C, E, K vitamins among other things. This honey is characterized by anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunostimulating, and antioxidant properties. Furthermore, it protects against cancer and cardiovascular diseases and helps to resist cold. A teaspoon before bedtime is enough to relieve insomnia.

Honey is packed into:

  • 2.5 kg buckets (plastic)
  • 700 g jars (glass)
  • 400 g jars (glass)
  • 250 g jars (glass)
  • 170 g jars (glass)
  • 20 g sachets (polyethylene)

To wholesale customers, honey is supplied in 300 kg steel drums or 28 kg plastic buckets.