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About us

Zlatomed’s primary activity is purchasing, processing, and export of natural bee honey of the Ukrainian origin.

Zlatomed Group is considered to be one of the largest and most experienced honey-supplying companies in Ukraine. Its first company, PC Roman, entered the Ukrainian honey market in 1993.

The manufacturing facilities have been located in Central Ukraine (Hruzke, Kirovohrad district, Kirovohrad region).

The countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States tasted our honey the first. Later, since 2000, the list of the importers was gradually supplemented by some European and Middle East countries as well as the U.S.

We offer honey both in 300 kg steel drums and different packaging. Manufacturing and export capacities of the company are 8-10 thousand tons per year; the quantity of annually exported packed honey is 1.5-2 thousand tons.

Our product range is not limited to honey only although it is our chief product. Apart from it, we offer:

  • Honey desserts
  • Honey granola
  • Cereal flakes
  • Muesli
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